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About Us

About Us

Hot Games. Superior skill. Total dedication.

Welcome to AoE eSports.

Competitive gaming meets community building in this unique eSports lounge designed for gamers, by gamers. Established in 2021, AoE eSports is a gamer-centric hub and event center for gamers of every gender, race, creed, and age to test their skills, battle against the best, and embrace solidarity in the eSport space with fellow gaming enthusiasts.

What We Do

Created with the gaming community in mind, AoE eSports offers gamers the opportunity to play games, join leagues, battle it out in tournaments, and connect with other gaming stans throughout the community. It is a space where gamers can come together to discuss strategy, build relationships, and take their skills to the next level – while also enjoying the support and understanding of a community of like-minded individuals.

In addition to our robust and dedicated gaming community, AoE eSports is Troy’s premier gaming media and event center. Podcasters and Shoutcasters alike are welcomed to rent space for their production, as well as take advantage of AoE eSports talented team of digital marketing and branding experts in order to help elevate and expand their audience. From gaming content creators to e-game novices, AoE eSport is a welcoming space for gaming aficionados of every level to build relationships and skills under a single roof.

Welcome to AoE eSports: Plug in and game on.