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Feast Your Eyes on the Esports Prize

As esports emerges as a new and engaging way to develop teamwork, strategy, and communication skills, more and more colleges are jumping on board. By 2024, over 1,000 universities are expected to offer esports scholarships, answering the demand for future-forward funding opportunities.

Our players compete against teams across the US and Canada, honing their skills with pro coaching and the latest technology.

Besides leagues, players and teams can compete in regionals with a chance to advance to the W.S.O.E. (World Series of Esports) Labor Day Weekend.

Esports is Anyone’s Game

Just like traditional youth sports, AoE Esports leagues combine weekly practices and matches with standings, jerseys, coaches, and trophies for league champs. Every player makes a team based on their skill level and are grouped with teammates of similar abilities ranging from Recruit to Elite league play.

All leagues are played with a strict no-toxicity rule in place. This creates a safe and welcoming space for all gamers. Unlike traditional youth sports our leagues our live-casted and live-streamed for friends and family to watch, with leagues in Fortnite, Rocket League, Overwatch 2, Valorant, Smash Bros., and more!

Our Games

Want to Be In It to Win It?

Fancy yourself a Fortnite champion, or just want to take part in a few friendly rounds of Rocket League? Whatever your favorite game, we provide premium equipment, professional coaching, and a welcoming environment. Get in touch for more info.

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Our Endgame

Our goal is to partner with school districts across the country, helping kids of all ages hone their skills in esports.

As a premier player in the game, we provide the best equipment and structured coaching to improve the opportunities for college scholarships and even esports careers. We do this by hosting bi-annual combines for college scouts along with professional training, education, and our long list of relationships with these universities.

Esports helps kids like you make new friends, develop transferable skills for college, and have fun doing something you love.

The 3 E’s of Esports



To truly excel at anything you must enjoy it and want to do it.



While you are playing you must learn and capture that information to build on it.



What good are all of those skills with out a means to show them off to the right channels?

Don’t Hate the Player

AT AoE Esports, we have a strict no-toxicity rule to maintain an inclusive atmosphere and provide our players with an exciting and enjoyable experience. Whether you want to reach the top of your game, or simply hang out with like-minded gamers, ours is a safe space to learn, compete, and play.

Attention Educators!

STEM, Educational, and Athletic Directors please contact us to help you organize, recruit, or operate any of your esport needs.

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